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   The Refrigerator Leasing Company is the authorized on campus vendor for refrigerator rentals and MicroFridges at many colleges across New York State. Last year many students found that renting a MicroFridge or compact refrigerator for their residence hall room is very convenient. A cold drink or snack will always be available when you have a refrigerator in your room. Last year, over 175,000 students nationwide used the MicroFridge. Because of its power-saving microwave, this unit is the only microwave/fridge combination allowed at colleges. With its sizeable capacity and 0 freezer, this unit gives students the choice between drinks, cold snacks, hot meals, frozen food, or ice cream.

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The MicroFridge:


Combination Refrigerator and Microwave

Total Unit Dimensions:   19" x 21" x 44"

Weight: Approx. 90 lbs.

Microwave: 0.6 cubic feet

700 Watt cooking power

Defrost and Cook settings

Revolving Glass Plate

Freezer: 1.0 cubic feet

Zero Degree temperature keeps everything

frozen solid

Refrigerator: Roomy 2.9 cubic feet

Interior and door storage shelves

Adjustable thermostat

*Includes $10 refundable security deposit

Benefits of the Microfridge:

Save Time- A MicroFridge in your room allows you to have the food you want, when you want it.   Late night snacks, meals, and drinks are always right there.  No need to run to the store or wait for the dining hall every time you are hungry or thirsty!!

Save Money- Don't pay for expensive take-out or low nutrition fast food.  The MicroFridge allows you to defrost leftovers from home, frozen foods, microwavable products, or fruits and vegetables. Skipping the vending machine and buying in bulk will save you money and keep your fridge full!

The Microfridge is the only microwave allowed on most college campuses.

Integrated circuitry allows the microwave and refrigerator to run on a single outlet

Fridge Freezer Model:

The Fridge Freezer has enough capacity to appease the appetites of two hungry and thirsty roommates. This unit is the MicroFridge with no microwave.

3.63 cu. ft. Cold Storage Capacity...3.30 cu. ft. Fresh Food/0.33 cu. ft. Frozen Food...Full-Range Thermostat Dial ....Single Round-Shaped Door Design with Reversible Door Hinge....Ice Compartment with Ice Trays...Door Storage....Two Leveling Legs....UL Approved...Dimensions (WxHxD):19" x 20" x 34"











All leased units are in excellent condition. Leased units vary by model and content. Food and beverages not included.