The following products listed on the front of this contract: cube, counter high, MicroFridge, fridge/freezer

and safe, are hereby referred to as unit. Refrigerator Leasing Company, Inc. shall be herein referred to as

the Company.

1. The Company hereby leases to the Lessee a unit at the location specified on this invoice.

2. The rent for the unit leased shall be payable in full upon delivery or prior to delivery.

3. Lessee shall not alter or damage this unit. Lessee will return the unit cleaned and defrosted. Lessee will

forfeit security deposit if unit is returned unclean, missing accessories, damaged, or with adhesive

stickers or decals, Do not defrost unit with sharp objects. Doing so will destroy the unit. Let unit defrost by unplugging or use a hair dryer.

4. The Lessee shall not remove the unit from location specified or this invoice without notifying the

Company in writing, if Lessee moves the unit to a location other than the address specified without

notifying the Company, Lessee will forfeit security deposit.

5. The Lessee shall not sublet or transfer the unit without notifying the Company in writing.

6. The Company will repair or replace the unit if it does not provide normal service during the term of this

agreement. There will be no charge to the Lessee unless malfunction or damage was due to the

negligence or acts of the Lessee.

7. If the unit is lost, stolen, or damaged while leased under this contract, the Lessee will be responsible for

its replacement cost.

8. There will be no refunds given for cancellation of rental at any time for any reason. Mid-semester and

mid-year cancellations require immediate notification. It is Lessee’s responsibility to make arrangements

to secure the unit and provide the Company with information necessary for the return of the unit, i.e.

name of contact person, telephone number, etc. Units not returned will be subject to charges outlined in

Clause 13.

9. Prior to May 1st, the Company will notify the Lessee of the proper time and pick-up date on which to

return the unit. This pick-up date will be no earlier than two weeks prior to the start of the semester’s final

exams week.The Lessee must return the unit at the specified time and date or contact the Company at

least 10 days in advance to make other arrangements. If the Lessee falls to determine the correct return

date and does not return the unit on time, the security deposit will be forfeited, and the Lessee will be

charged for the unit. Return date will also be posted on our website at no

later than two week prior to pick up dates. Lessee is responsible to familiarize themselves with return

date, time and location.

10. It is understood and agreed that the unit at all times remains the Company’s. Failure to return leased

property to the Company will result in the Lessee being charged for the unit.

11. Lessee agrees to pay attorney’s fees, collection charges, and any other expenses incurred by the

Company in collecting any charges under this Agreement or in re-taking the said rental property or in

otherwise enforcing the terms of this agreement.

12. Lessee shall indemnify the Company against all loss or damage arising from the use of the unit during

the term of this lease.

13. Lessee will pay the Company $100 for any “cube”, safe, $150 for any “counter high”, $300 for any

“fridge/freezer” and $500 for any “MicroFridge” unit not returned.

14. Liability for injury, disability, and death caused by the operation of this refrigerator during the rental term

shall be assumed by the Lessee, and the Lessee shall indemnify the Company against all such liability.

15. Any breach of this contract will result in the loss of the security deposit. Security deposit will otherwise

be returned upon the surrender of the equipment to the company at the end of the term. Security

deposits are forfeited for early or late pick up.