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If you are not in your residence hall room, we are usually able to leave the unit with your roommate or suitemate.

We know you have classes, meetings, etc.  If you are not home when we come to your room, we will leave a note stating when we will be back that day. 

We will help you to the room with the MicroFridge.  Just ask for help at the truck. 

We cannot deliver early for sports teams, RAs, etc. 

The Form Confirmation page is not updated daily. To confirm you order, please check the Form Confirmation page (found on the Home page) no earlier than three days after you have ordered.  WE CANNOT CONFIRM ORDERS ON THE DAY THEY ARE PLACED. 

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Business Hours:  We are open from 9am - 4pm weekdays. 

We check our email Monday through Friday.

Street Address:  Refrigerator Leasing Company

         179 River St.

            Oneonta, NY  13820

Our mail gets delivered daily around 3:00pm. Priority Mail shipments usually arrive around 11:00am.