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Used Refrigerators for Sale!!

When ordering, please have the following information readily available:

Student's hall, room, cell phone or school phone.  We only take Visa/Mastercard over the telephone or online. 

Please make sure to order at least 3 days before our scheduled delivery date at your school.  We also accept checks and cash on the day of delivery.  Please check the delivery schedule for times and locations.

All units are in good working condition.  Some units may have cosmetic damage* that does not interfere with functioning.  All used units have a 6 month guarantee.  This is comparable to the guarantee that comes when you purchase a new refrigerator.

Quality Used MicroFridges only $267.50!! We are currently rotating our stock of used MicroFridges!   These units are only a few years old, and are guaranteed to be in good working condition. They feature the same powerful microwave as the new model, but with simpler controls.  The 600 watt microwave contains a revolving glass plate, cooking meals evenly and thoroughly.  The zero degree freezer holds many meals, freezes all your favorite ice cream treats, and includes a free ice cube tray.  The spacious fridge functions flawlessly; with ample shelf and door space for all your needs.  These units carry a 6 MONTH WORKING guarantee.  Units may have some surface blemishes that do not affect performance*. Due to product style changes, we must liquidate these units.  

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Used Counter High Models only $110.00:  

These models contain five cubic feet of space to store everything you need to keep cool.  The array of shelving combinations easily fit all of your individual cold storage needs. From two liter bottles to cartons of milk, this unit can hold items of many different shapes and sizes.  The large freezer makes ice cubes and keeps ice cream cold.  The ample door storage space means nothing has to be left out!   These units have many great uses: garages, basements, cabins, college students- Pefect for Everyone and Everywhere!   Each refrigerator has an attractive simulated wood grain finish.  Used fridges may have minor scratches and dents.  All units covered under a 6 MONTH GUARANTEE.  Compact and powerful, this is a bargain that can't be beat!   Approximate dimensions (WxHxD):  18 5/8" x 33 1/2" x 19 7/8".  

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Used Cube Models only $70.00:

Don't let the smaller size fool you; these fridges hold more than you can believe.  These units are also perfect for garages, basements, cabins and college students.  The cube features a full range thermostat control, compact freezer, removable shelf, ample door space, and simulated wood grain finish.  Some units may have minor scratches or dents, but they are covered under our 6 MONTH GUARANTEE.   Absolutely amazing what these little fridges can hold.  College Students Note: Perfect option for those tiny, cramped singles where the only leftover space is under the bed.   Great value at a great price!   Approximate Dimensions (HxWxD)- 18 5/8" x 18 7/8" x 19 1/8". 

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